Just a stones throw from where I formerly lived in the UK is the 19th century gothic mansion Woodchester. It took a colleague to bring it to my attention, and point out that unlike the many other publicly accessible mansions in the UK, this one was abandoned mid-construction allowing a unique view of the building techniques of the period.

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The post drought has been broken with a visit to a set disused power tunnels. My usual associates were along and are very knowledge about such things and their whereabouts.

Exposure: 10s  Aperture: f/8.0  ISO: 400  Focal Length: 26 mm

It was an interesting place which, I am guessing, once carried power from the nearby (re-purposed) power plant. Now long disused the drainage grates in the floor no longer remove water in a timely fashion, having long succumb to the thick mud and debris that cakes the floor.

While much of the copper cabling has been removed/pilfered (it is after all quite valuable these days) much still remained. Cut away in many areas, the gauge of the cable was impressive. Photographically this bend in the tunnel was the only thing that jumped out to me immediately but I’m sure the place has other opportunities. Though I always struggle to light long straight passages in an interesting way.

Exit Wound

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How many large ball bearings fired at a water balloon does it take to capture a high speed shot like the one below?

Exposure: 2s  Aperture: f/5.6  ISO: 400  Focal Length: 50 mm

Quite a few. Sometimes they bounce right off, other times they go in one side and not out the other leaving a rather sad looking leaking balloon spinning in a circle. Dusted of the high speed gear for a play recently.


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In the past we have attempted elaborate scenes in an effort and break up our usual exploits. This time we combined Sven and Chris’s love of manholes with our recent smoke machine acquisition to produce some shots of a survivor being plucked from beneath.

Exposure: 1/125s  Aperture: f/4.0  ISO: 200  Focal Length: 50 mm

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Many have gone before – both clandestinely and (more recently) as tourists. We however were invited guests (shocking!) and on a chilly evening headed up this Brisbane icon.

Exposure:30s  Aperture: f/8.0  ISO: 200  Focal Length:

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When the zombie apocalypse comes I am going to be here, standing on the top level with a shotgun.

Exposure: 10s  Aperture: f/5.6  ISO: 800  Focal Length: 10 mm

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