Again the sound activated flash trigger was dug out and again we racked our brains for things that would look good frozen in motion. The result…hitting fruit with a golf club of course!

Exposure: 4s  Aperture: f/4.0  ISO: 400  Focal Length: 200 mm

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Over a year ago now I constructed a sound activated flash trigger and had some success using it to capture water balloon bursts. The circuit has been dug out, but this time I had help in the form of more flashes and manpower!

Exposure: 2s  Aperture: f/5.6  ISO: 400  Focal Length: 55 mm

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I saw an extreme slow motion video on the net recently which lead me to trying to take some high speed photos. My subjects were exploding water balloons. This sort of work generally requires specialised equipment but I had read of a technique possible with basic equipment.

Camera: Canon EOS 20D  Exposure: 3.2 sec (16/5)  Aperture: f/11  ISO: 200
Focal Length: 50 mm  Keywords: high speed

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Exit Wound

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How many large ball bearings fired at a water balloon does it take to capture a high speed shot like the one below?

Exposure: 2s  Aperture: f/5.6  ISO: 400  Focal Length: 50 mm

Quite a few. Sometimes they bounce right off, other times they go in one side and not out the other leaving a rather sad looking leaking balloon spinning in a circle. Dusted of the high speed gear for a play recently.

…helps the medicine go down. An ill conceived concept was attempted using the high speed kit, a bucket of water and an umbrella.

Exposure: 2s  Aperture: f/4.0  ISO: 800  Focal Length: 23 mm

It was not a great success. While we initially thought the background windows provided interest they instead washed out the action being illuminated by the flashes. Far to much ambient for this sort of thing, as evident by Ms Poppins head ghosting.

In fact the most entertaining part of the evening was during another setup in which I was responsible for throwing an arc of water OVER Ms Poppins. After a handful of dud frames (and a somewhat wet Poppins) how was I to resist unloading a whole bucket of water onto her and finishing the job?

After a poor showing last week it was thought a night of mucking about at the old drive-in might be easier going. Sadly the photographic gods were against us, and we failed to pull off anything original.

Exposure: 1.6s  Aperture: f/4.0  ISO: 800  Focal Length: 200 mm

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