A day walk up some mountains in southern Wales ended with the discovery of a disused waterworks facility.

Information on the place proved hard to come by. I would guess it to be from the Victorian era or at the very least pre war. Internet searching did reveal this location (or at least one of the outbuildings) as being Grade II heritage listed. As such it seemed reasonably sealed up to the casual observer but the call of the partially collapsed roof was too strong!

Above are the manual mixing wheels for the chemical treatment tanks which were still caked in lime. Hard to imagine the the water needs of the time could be achieved by manual mixing of the chemicals in this way. After “processing” in the tanks above the pipework essentially feed into the large riveted tanks which almost completely filled the main room.

More random pics from around the facility below. The broken light from the holes in the roof was quite nice. Other side rooms included a caretakers accommodations, the floor of which was to dilapidated to safely manoeuvre.

This last shot is inside an outbuilding considerably lower than the main building. It is actually lower than the spillway of the reservoir which leads me to guess it was pressure fed by the spillway water. The level of the neighbouring reservoir (very small) is controlled by a much larger dam half a mile away.

A completely unexpected find. Time was a bit pressed so if I am in the area again a revisit will be in order.


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