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It occurred to me that I really don’t take advantage of being a friend to one of this cities foremost drain aficionados. So it was with much eagerness Sven took me back to the underside.

Exposure: 5 sec Aperture: f/4 ISO: 400 Focal Length: 10 mm

It has been many years since our early adventures into the bowels of the city, looking for places of interest to experiment with photographic lighting techniques. I have dabbled here and there (look at that beast of a torch!) but it has been Sven who has really taken on the challenge of drain photography in recent years. Sven’s vast knowledge on the subject meant easy entry and a guided tour of the drain in question which, I am told, was recently dubbed the best Australia has to offer by a well known community of explorers.

It also provided an opportunity to try out my recently acquired fish-eye lens. I has been a while, so one shot is all I could manage while trying to remember exactly how best to light these tricky environments. As usual lighting was provided by LED torches and I was reasonably pleased with the result.

Will my dislike of walking long distances hunched over or the fear of stepping in that golden turd prevent future drain excursions? Not in the short-term I don’t think, partly because Sven is a very convincing and capable drain host.


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  1. Jon on March 16th, 2012 11:07 am

    That said, I don’t see 24h “drain-a-thons” in my future 🙂

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