Where is my camera…


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How do you bombard a person with toilet paper? Simple, mount some on paint rollers and fire a leaf blower at them.

Not much to say really. A doll was on fire, so we put it out. The carefully placed lighting was just a lucky coincidence.

Pit you say? This ain’t no pit. Sure this title makes it sound like a cheap porno, but lets be accurate. An alternative angle of Sven having bravely lowered himself onto a platform no bigger than two besser bricks.

Chim Chimney

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A particular motorway I drive on often in the UK has a feature I have always wanted to find, a redbrick chimney. Not wanting to try and locate it in the dark and being on glorious daylight savings time (stupid Queenslanders), I started exploring at the leisurely time of 7pm.

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When I lived in this city many years ago I always wanted to go inside the Clifton Rocks Railway but never managed to gain entry. In recent years a group of volunteers have started making limited trips down the tunnel and I was lucky enough to be on one recently. Small crawl spaces meant no tripod so high ISO is was.

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